A New Approach for a New Year
Tips to Help You Succeed On Your Weight Loss Journey This Year

Effective Weight-loss

With the New Year approaching, many of us find ourselves setting resolutions eager to accomplish them over the next year. 

Whether it’s learning a new skill or language, being more ambitious in career goals, or focusing on saving money, the key is to stick to your resolution for the next 365 days.

One of the most common resolutions often focuses around health and well-being, such as losing weight and being more physically active. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Statista, 3 out of the 5 top resolutions were related to health and fitness. Of those surveyed, 50% stated their resolution was to begin exercising, 48% wanted to lose weight and 39% wanted to improve their diet. [1]

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So, what are your health and fitness resolutions for this year? Are you looking to shed weight or begin an exercise routine?

Perhaps you want to start focusing on your eating habits and make healthier food choices. Here are some tips to help you achieve your resolution this year:

• Set Goals, Not Resolutions: When you make a resolution, you focus on a pretty broad and big picture. Your resolution might be to lose weight or start exercising, which leaves it pretty open. By setting goals, you shift your focus from looking at the bigger picture to smaller specific details. So, instead of saying “I want to eat healthy this year” say “I will fill 2/3 of my plate with vegetables at dinner 6 days a week.” Or, instead of “I want to start walking” modify it to a more specific goal such as “I will start walking 30 minutes a day 5 times a week.”


  • Eat More Nutrient-Rich Foods: The nutrient density of a food weighs the amount of nutrients you get from a certain food for the amount of calories consumed. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, lean proteins, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates while low in saturated fats, added sugar and sodium. Examples include vegetables, fruits, dairy, whole grains, lean proteins legumes and nuts. Not only will it make you feel great, but eating nutrient rich foods may also reduce your risk of certain chronic health conditions and provide multiple health benefits. So, next time you’re at the grocery store, be sure to include an assortment of these foods!
  • Make Smart Food Swaps: Try making some small food changes this year to cut out extra calories. Swap out a soda can with a refreshing glass of herb-infused sparkling water. Replace sugary breakfast cereals with oatmeal or homemade granola. Swap out full-fat milk with skim milk and Greek yogurt. Try whole grain and sprouted grain-free bread instead of white bread.
  • Cook More At Home: While it’s tempting to grab a bite to eat from a nearby fast food chain or restaurant, ask yourself if it’s worth it. Many restaurants and fast food chains sell products that are notoriously high in calories, fats, sodium and carbohydrates, which are detrimental to your health and weight loss journey. The best thing that can be done is to start cooking more at home. While cooking might seem like a daunting task, once you start preparing your own meals, you’ll soon start to see the benefits. Remember how we talked about nutrient-rich foods earlier? That ties in. By cooking at home, you get complete control over the ingredients you use and understand their nutritional values. The more you understand your food, the healthier your food choices will be.

  • Sit Less, Move More: Introducing an exercise routine offers an array of health benefits and is a great way to manage weight. From cardiovascular health and bone strengthening to controlling blood pressure and cholesterol, including exercise as part of your daily routine is a great way to improve your health. Aim for 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity a week.

While making a new year’s resolution is a great way to stick to a goal, it’s all about what you make of it. So, if you’re looking to become healthier overall or get to your goal weight, try using our tips to help you stay on track not only for the coming year but in the long run as well.

Sarah Siddique

ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer

[1] What Are Your 2021 Resolutions? https://www.statista.com/statistics/378105/new-years-resolution/

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